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We make waste removal simple, convenient & modern

By providing simple, powerful tools and world class service Alliance Disposal is changing the way waste removal works

Our Story

Alliance Disposal was co-Founded by cousins, Joe & Luciano DiNardi, who have grown up in the waste industry their entire lives. Their grandfather, pictured right, sparked their passion for the industry. He founded Central Jersey Disposal in 1974, and the entire family has been in the business ever since. After inheriting the business, their parents eventually sold Central Jersey Disposal to moved into the recycling business. They created Colgate Paper Stock and now take pride in diverting waste from landfills.

Growing up they saw every aspect of the waste and recycling industry, and realized it is in need of a real change. The industry as a whole was falling behind other sectors in both technology and customer service. They also noticed many of the smaller haulers, who prided themselves on customer service, were falling to the big corporate behemoths. Who are more concerned about profits than customer experience, and use unethical marketing ploys. Ending up making their customers pay more than the posted price. The actions of a few corporations tarnished the industry.

Joe & Luciano decided it was time for a change. By working with local haulers and brining in customer centric web and mobile applications, they are overhauling the industries pricing tactics and brining the waste industry into the modern age.

“Being fourth generation garbage men, we are passionate about the industry we’re in and the customers we serve. That helps separate us from our competition.”

A picture of Grandpa (Anthony) DiNardi, the founder of Central Jersey Disposal. Wearing a trench coat and fedora hat

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. Make waste management smart and help the environment.

Modern Solutions

Alliance Disposal is still in its infancy, and we are working around the clock to delivery a customer service application that will meet your waste and recycling needs. As well as help our haulers divert waste from landfills. In the mean time please enjoy Alliance Disposal’s world class customer service. It will actually make you smile next time you hear take out the trash.

At the Heart of What We Do

People Focused

Our customers, communities and employees are at the heart of what we do. We strive to make your daily lives a little better.


Alliance Disposal is a technology company that just happens to be in the waste industry. We embrace innovation and breaking the status quo.


Our goal is to help make a greener tomorrow. We continuously try to improve our environment and help our partners take environmental first approaches to their work.

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